FIRVA Capital Management, LLC, started in 2004, is a Registered Investment Advisor that focuses on providing credit analysis to fixed income investors.   FIRVA has provided Municipal Credit research for over 200 banks and other institutional clients.  FIRVA specializes in Municipal Credit Surveillance, Reporting, and Research.  FIRVA has multiple core investment professionals who are technology and investment-oriented people.  FIRVA provides its proprietary services and technology on a fee basis to clients across the country.

Make Money

    Use FIRVA’s municipal credit research for relative value. Identify potentially under-valued credits to purchase and over-valued credits to sell using FIRVA’s Internal Credit Scores (ICS). Avoid buying and selling municipal bonds or loans that are potentially mispriced. One good decision could pay for our service.

Manage and Understand Municipal Credit Risk

    More information is better. Let us help you understand the amount of underlying credit risk you are taking by identifying and monitoring (surveillance) the layered risk of your portfolio. Even if you think there is security enhancement, do you know what the underlying credit risk is? Are you further exposed to additional credit risk because your municipal issuer is located in a weak geographic city, county, region, or state?

Save Money

    Financial services firms are being asked to do more with less. Reallocate your firm’s current Municipal Credit Research resources to other higher value add and/or critical activities. Utilize our scale and quality to create more value-add for your firm. The time you save could help you pay for our service.

Regulatory & Accounting Surveillance

    Utilize our extensive Municipal Surveillance and Valuation Report (MSR) to meet Regulatory and Accounting needs. Although we focus on using our municipal credit research to make money, save money, and manage and understand municipal credit risk, clients will also rely on us to meet their Regulatory and Accounting needs. We provide independent and complete portfolio reporting including a summary, ICS, valuations, economic, and demographic scoring, comparable bonds, and OTTI and OCI calculations.

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